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How do I backup my contacts privately

So when you login to your cPanel account – (you do do that right) – well if you do you will see an icon saying Configure “My Calendar and Contact Client Applications”. While you may find the icon unattractive and the use of the many letters untidy, this button is a fantastic advance in corporate hosting services.

What this means is that you can now synchronise your calendar and contacts with any device that you have that supports CalDav.

“Aaargh stop using words like CalDav” some may say - sorry it's an important word, it is the standard that was created to allow devices of uh.. let's say.. different breeding to talk to each other. Yes, Apple chatting to Android and Windows and so on.

“What for”, you Android users may say “I've been doing this for ages already using Google's calendar, email and stuff.” “Well”, we say “if you would prefer the joys, of NOT keeping Google in the loop as to where and when your next visit with Mom will be, then it's better you read on.”

Great news for the Apple deep-pocketed faithful, your loyalty has been rewarded as this CalDav thing is supported out of the box.

Get into your Calendar and Contacts setting add new calendar/address book and simply:

add the address – nonssl (http://mail.YOURURL.tld:2079) or ssl (https://mail.YOURURL.tld:2080)

username - (your email address)

password - (your email password)

For the Androidians however Google resisted providing CalDav support out of the box (one could say - not really in their best-interest) under the immense pressure and winging of thousands. You will need to (wait for it..) BUY CalDav from the Google store.

Let us know if you get stuck and we will gladly assist you in setting this all up.

Note: that the recommended method (if you haven't already done so) is to upgrade your hosting to include an SSL certificate which will ensure that this information (contacts and diary) is kept private.

Written by: Lance Davey

Published: 4 months ago

Total Views: 340

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