Email account not working

You keep on knocking but you can't get in.

For this guide I will be using the words "mail client" when discussing the email software that you use which may be Outlook, Thunderbird or that Apple Mail Client what-its-name.

If your email keeps failing to connect eit ...more

About the Webnerd Frog

So we get quite a few questions about the Webnerd Mascot - the frog known as Paddawan.

Paddawan (pronounced paadaawaan) is a frog (not a prince although kisses are appreciated).  Paddawan represents the Webnerd team in the best way possible.  While not great to look at, kiss or go on ...more

How do I edit my nameservers?

How do I edit my nameservers?
Simply login to your account here click on the Domains Tab.  Choose the domain you wish to edit by clicking on 'Manage Domain' now click on nameservers and edit them.


Your mail gets sent from someone and will eventually endup on a weBnerd server.  How you collect the mail is up to you. If you have ever set up an email client or app, you will have certainly come across the terms POP and IMAP. Do you remember which one you chose and why? If you are not quite su ...more

Backlinks Yes / No?

A resounding YES for backlinks - just don't get lured into the bucks for backlink traps that many companies are offering. 

Backlinks like many things SEO need to be approached on a logic basis.  That is the link from your site to another and back again must offer relevance and or ...more

How do I backup my contacts privately

So when you login to your cPanel account – (you do do that right) – well if you do you will see an icon saying Configure “My Calendar and Contact Client Applications”. While you may find the icon unattractive and the use of the many letters untidy, this button is a fantastic ad ...more

Setting up your outgoing email SMTP

Great, so getting email is all good - now what about sending email.  My Wireless/DSL/whatever connection already has an outgoing mail (SMTP) service why should I change it?

The problem exists when you try and send mail using somebody else's connection.  While ...more

Get email anytime anywhere

If you are using a device you do not own and would like to access your email you can do the following:

Starting an Online Business for Dummies

Please find your step by step guide on starting an online business for dummies.  

Step 1: Your Business Name needs to be registered

Register your business with a legal company name to ensure everything is legal. By doing this, you will also ...more

Choosing the right hosting

Choosing the best package.

Okay, so you've finally taken the plunge and decided to purchase some space on the internet. Great, little did you know it would be filled with geek talk like domains, RAM, storage and so on.
Here is a simple, rule of thumb, guide to getting you s ...more