Wordpress servers

The Wordpress settings are reasonably straight forward and most servers can by default satisfy the software's reasonable requirements.  The issues usually only appear when installing a theme.

In this case services which offer varying levels of risk may need to be made available.  Webnerd expertly supply Wordpress focused servers that will satisfy the most audacious demands and will monitor your efforts and advise you on work-arounds where the app required seriously could jepordise the security of your site and or the server as a whole....

Please don't hesitate to let us know of any seemingly strange requests your Wordpress theme might be making.

Wordpress Servers

Magento servers

Magento is a magnificant beast in the world of online shopping software.  To the average user Magento will be fast and efficient however to deliver that experience fast and efficiently the webnerd servers need a bit more vooma.

Webnerd will assist you in setting your magento site on a shared or if required, your own private server and kick up the specs to deliver a great browsing performance.

Magento Servers