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SSL for a safer internet

Do you always check the URL of the site you are about to send money to. 

It is possible that the site that you are visiting is not the site you wanted to visit.  It is also possible that the information you are typing - passwords and so on are being monitored.  The solution for this is quite simple. 

Always - always check at the very least that the site you are visiting has the site lock symbol in your browser input bar.  This may be on the left or right of the bar depending on your browser with ultimate security being where you can read the name of the company in the bar. 

This means that the company was verified by an independant authority who warrants that the site you wanted is the site you are visiting.

Domain Validation (dv)

Domain validation does what you would expect your website address is confirmed as valid  by creating the lock icon next to the address. 

This gives the person visiting your site the confidence to transact with you.

Only the domain name is validated and NOT your company, to do this you require extended validation.

Extended Validation (ev)

To ensure that your customer knows that they are dealing with your company you can get your company linked to your address using extended validation.

You will know that a company has extended validation by the company name in a green bar next to the lock in the URL (browser address bar).

There are also additional search engine optimisation benefits from doing this.

Organisational validation

Organisational valuation means that the certificate includes your organisation physical

Organisational valuation means that your certificate will include your organisation's validated physical address.