Choosing the right hosting

Choosing the best package.

Okay, so you've finally taken the plunge and decided to purchase some space on the internet. Great, little did you know it would be filled with geek talk like domains, RAM, storage and so on.
Here is a simple, rule of thumb, guide to getting you started.

Storage Space.

This is a fast growing business on the internet today as more and more people store their digital valuables both personal - (photos, video, music, etc.) and business - (contracts, corporate stationery, etc.) online. This make a lot of sense as this is - due to the backups and raid systems - the most secure way of storing these valuables.

So, how much do you need?

The quick considerations are:

    • Email storage vs download - Here one considers either downloading mail and deleting it from the server (POP) or downloading mail while keeping a copy on the server (imap).
    • Video, Photo or Audio uploads - all of these represent very large file sizes.
    • Database growth - Consider that after a period of time what the impact will be on these file sizes.


    • In most cases traffic is unrestricted. However if you entend hosting a file sharing service or something sililar one should consider what that will equate to and you should be giving one of our geeks a heads-up.


  • This can seem a little confusing at first.  Many sites today make use of mySQL database server. Microsoft also offers a similar variant. Inboth these cases your site may require a database.  Usually you web developer will know what you need.
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