Email account not working

You keep on knocking but you can't get in.

For this guide I will be using the words "mail client" when discussing the email software that you use which may be Outlook, Thunderbird or that Apple Mail Client what-its-name.

If your email keeps failing to connect either outgoing or incoming you need to check your settings.

Using outlook to test your settings can be a very scary process.  This is because the error messages are written in klingon not too difficult if you have a klingon concise dictionary on hand, but for the rest of us here is an easier way.

Step One
Check that your login credentials are correct.  To do this you should always login to your online email account which can be found at
The error messages will appear in a language you are familiar with and state that yiour username or password are either incorrect or correct.

Step Two
Once you know that your credentials are correct check your email settings.

If all of these are correct and you are still not getting in, then you need to check your port settings.
For SSL - (using your certificate or the webnerd certificate.)
incoming IMAP port: 993
incoming POP3 port 995

Outgoing SMTP - 465

Remember - if you are going to use SSL then when you SEND email your mail client  needs to first login to the server before you can send the mail.  So be sure to check the "Authentication is required (or similar)" box.

For non SSL
incoming IMAP port: 143
incoming POP3 port 110

Outgoing SMTP - 25

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