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While SEO rules can change from time to time the underlying principles of search engine optimisation are built on the foundation of logic.  If you choose to make your site enhancement decisions based on this principle then its as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.  These article should help you get started and quickly reach a point understanding.

Backlinks Yes / No?

A resounding YES for backlinks - just don't get lured into the bucks for backlink traps that many companies are offering. 

Backlinks like many things SEO need to be approached on a logic basis.  That is the link from your site to another and back again must offer relevance and or synergy.

A good rule of thumb is creating a backlink for any company that you - in the context of your business - have been asked to recommend,  At Webnerd we often get asked to recommend gadgets such as drones or the best Tablet or Cell phone.  It stands to reason therefore that a good synergy for our company would be DJI and or Apple.

Written by: Lance Davey

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I have heard that bad links can lead to negative SEO - so how does one get rid of these?

Posted: 4 years ago
by: Lance Davey

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Published: 4 years ago

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