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Experience is everything.

Webnerd started in the website hosting business, the same year Sony Playstation had a world wide outage, that lasted 23 days.

This left our nerds with nothing better to do, so in that same year - 2011, they decided to start Webnerd.

This means that over the years we have run servers during the good times and the bad and have lived to tell the tale.

This experience will work well for you from the ability to answer any tech related questions you might have; to deploying a highly secure Windows or Linux based server in just minutes.

The Webnerd hosting packages are designed to help you grow your online presence at the same rate as you grow your business.

This means big time and money savings as you only pay for what your business needs.

Remember there is no data size or processing speed that Webnerd cannot handle.

Webnerd have been and will always be - here for you.

Experience is everything.