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Google Ad Words

How they compare?


R 825.00
per month


R 1725.00
per month
Minimum Ad spend 1000 to 4000 5000 to 10000 10000 plus
Account Manager
No contracts
Monthly reports
Text only advert creation
Text, Images, Animation and Video advert asset creation Limited

Make Google Adwords Work for You.

Why Use Webnerd?

  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research and optimisation
  • Advert creation
  • Budget Management
  • Monthly reports
  • Conversion tracking
  • Mobile advert
  • New campaign development
  • Google analytics
  • and More

A meeting in which the primary goal is to ascertain your advertising campaign’s requirements. The analysis of which will provide us with answers to the campaign’s media selection, target audience, duration, daily spend, demographic, etc.

Keyword and keyphrases are the very foundation of a successful online campaign.

Online advertising allows for awareness and/or sourcing as a potential outcome of your adspend. In awareness type advertising the goal is to inform a potential customer of your product/service by creating adverts that appear when your customer browses sites on the internet not necessarily associated with your business on the internet. The sourcing outcome ensures that when a potential customer specifically searches for a product or service similar to yours that your company is found.

Amongst many other online profiling techniques, both these approaches make use of keywords or keyphrases in their attempt to, (as accurately as possible), profile a consumer.

Webnerd build, manage and adjust a list of words and phrases that your customer is most likely to use when browsing the internet. These words and phrases with their associated costs (current bids) and its ratings: cost per click; difficulty and frequency are supplied to you.

Within a campaign Webnerd ensure that each advert is monitored from the initial click to the end result by adjusting the website to notify the search engine’s analytics when an enquiry resulted in a sale. This provides your company with valuable insights as to those adverts that were successful versus those that were not.

Webnerd create a flag on your potential customer’s browser that will ensure that your adverts are shown to her/him even if the customer is no longer on your website.

During this window Webnerd build an advertising campaign that includes various online media opportunities that offer the most value and return for your product or service.


Webnerd also include many other factors within the advertising campaign such as demographics and psychographics, campaign duration, buys or click through, re-marketing and many other.

Once we have completed the analysis the physical task of creating the adverts begins. This rate on our rate cart varies from campaign to campaign based on the campaign requirements that we may recommend, These can include video, animation, static images or text only type advertisements.

A single effective Webnerd campaign will contain a minimum of ten advertisements.

Webnerd build text image and video material each designed to benefit from the underlying media such as Youtube (Video), Facebook (Images), Adwords (Text).

These adverts will be edited on an ongoing basis to enhance performance.

Webnerd continually monitor advert performance and adjust the campaigns to include the advert offering the best performance together with information sited to the current external conditions. Example of a conditions are Christmas, Easter, Fathers day and so on.